Commercial and Industrial Propane

Throughout South Georgia and North Florida, Akins Petroleum Company serves a rapidly growing number of commercial and industrial companies. When it comes to your business, reliable propane delivery is crucial to keep everything running smoothly. We know you have a choice when selecting a fuel provider, so we will work harder than our competitors to earn and maintain your trust.

A broad range of commercial and industrial customers already trust Akins for reliable propane delivery service. Whether you need propane for a commercial kitchen, medical facility, school or university, airport, crop drying, dog kennels and horse barns, commercial mowers, or a construction site we can supply propane fuel for all of your commercial and industrial needs at competitive and affordable prices. We guaranteed that you will NEVER RUN OUT OF PROPANE, and we offer 24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE.

Propane for Forklifts

Propane fueled forklifts are the perfect choice for a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and safe business. We offer a Cylinder Exchange Program, On-site Cylinder Refilling, and on-site Bulk Storage.

Let us setup a forklift propane Cylinder Exchange Program for your business. We will work with you to develop an exchange plan that fits your budget and operating schedule.

Your propane cylinders can be refilled right on your business or construction site. Our On-site Filling Program offers a safe and convenient plan to keep your forklifts and business running smoothly.

Installing a Bulk Storage Propane Tank right on your business site, will give you access to a propane fueling station when you need it. An on-site bulk propane tank eliminates the need to store spare propane cylinders and empty tanks. We will work with you to acquire all of the proper state and local permits to setup a propane fueling station.

Propane and Equipment for Drying Crops

If you’re a Farmer, then you know that Farmers who harvest early bring more crops to market. Harvesting early, while the crop still retains a small amount of moisture reduces field losses, thereby, increasing yields and profits. Propane powered crop dryers shorten the length of drying time and minimize the risks associated with bad weather. Propane fueled crop/grain dryers are a great choice for drying many types of crops including grain, bean, root, and seed crops such as corn, sunflower seed, maize, millets, rice, soybean, peanut, onion, pecans, etc.

Propane powered crop dryers are much more efficient and distribute precise heat, which ensures your crop dries evenly and results in a high-quality product. Once dried, the crop can then be safely stored until the market is right to sell. The combination of harvesting and storing your crop with the option to wait for the right market conditions to sell, will more than offsets the equipment and operating costs and put more profit in your pocket.

Propane for Commercial Water Heaters

Businesses and facilities with large hot water demands can benefit greatly from tankless water heaters. We offer a full spectrum of commercial applications, from retrofitting existing systems to new construction.

Whether your business is a restaurant, hotel, healthcare facility, school, office building, apartment complex, or fertilizer plant Akins can help you supply your hot water needs while saving money.

Today, more businesses are developing “green” energy initiative plans, and commercial propane is the perfect energy choice to help you meet those new “green” energy goals. Propane is a green fuel that produces less greenhouse gases than gasoline and diesel. Akins Petroleum is more than just your company’s propane or LP gas provider. We are your energy experts for all of your commercial and industrial fuel and equipment needs.

Akins Truck w Driver
A truck from our fleet of propane bobtails and one of our gas salesmen, Jim.
Forklift powered by propane
Forklift powered by propane.
Pecan Dryer 2.5 Million BTUs
Pecan Dryer 2.5 Million BTUs
Installation of sixteen Navien NPE-240S Tankless Water Heaters.
Installation of sixteen Navien NPE-240S Tankless Water Heaters.