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Akins Petroleum Company is the leading propane, fleet fuel, and oil & lubricant supplier in the South Georgia and North Florida. Whether you’re heating your home or business in the winter, or grilling outside during the sweltering summer months, you can count on Akins to help you lower your energy costs, increase your comfort, and fuel your home or business safely with propane. Our team works hard to provide quality products and reliable service to our customers throughout South Georgia and North Florida. Give us a call and let us show you what great customer service is really like! (229)247-1839

Propane Fuel for Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Agriculturial Applications


Whether your propane needs are residential, commercial, industrial, or agricultural Akins has you covered. Give us a call and let us fuel your life!

Fleet Fueling for Commercial, Government, and Agriculturial Needs

Fleet Fueling

Akins can provide your company, farm, City or County municipality, school, hospital, or any other organization with cost-effective solutions for fleet fueling.

Oil & Lubricants for Agricultural, Commercial, and Industrial Use

Oil & Lubricants

We have high-quality oils and lubricants for all of your commercial, industrial, agricultural needs. Akins offers bulk and packaged products at competitive prices.